UDACA was born in May 21st, 1966, thanks to the pioneering vision of a group of men who meant to carry the Dão region and its wines to never before achieved levels.

With the courtesy that UDACA relates with the entities with which it relates, and due to its positioning as a legitimate expert on the various features of the area, UDACA stands as the main mark of quality of Dão wines by representing the entire cooperative sector.

Currently, UDACA primary mission is the promotion and marketing of wines and the region in all markets where it can work, always showing the quality and professionalism in order to satisfy all customers.

Combining an excellent quality-price relation, UDACA represents, with its Associated Cooperatives, nearly 60% of the production of Dão wines which, together with the numerous awards and participation in events, reflects the UDACA as one of the leading producers in Dão Wine Region.

UDACA is the guarantee of flavors and traditional sensations that are perpetuated through excellent quality control staring in the harvest in our cooperatives, and finishing in the bottling in our facilities.

Internationalization is a strategy assumed by UDACA which exports more than 65% of its products.