Dão Wine Region.

Beautiful, proud and irresistible! Its location allows the production of some of the best wines from Portugal, as this is the birthplace of Touriga Nacional grape.

With mountain areas that surround the region, granitic soil of the valleys gently declined, climate that escapes the Atlantic ocean influence … There are several details that give a unique beauty to this region that covers more than 375 000 hectares of land.

The vineyards are presented as an unforgettable landscape, obviously adapted to the cold and rainy winters and hot, dry summers thus they give to the Demarcated Dão Region some unique climatic conditions that provide the unparalleled features of Dão Wine.

Created by brave people and combined with a rich gastronomy, the Dão Region presents a harmonious symbiosis between traditional and modern, which occurs also in the used techniques and infrastructure, able to combine the best of the past and the best that the future have to offer.